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Beginning Band

Clip art with beginning band text and musical symbols  BEGINNING BAND

Dear Students,
I wanted to give you something specific to work on.  At this time of year we start to focus 
on the 12 major scales.  It is important to begin advanced band (and high school) knowing
how to play all of your major scales at least one octave. I have included several videos to
watch before beginning the exercise.  We will begin by learning how to spell all of the scales correctly.  When your ready, download and fill out the worksheet.  I will post the answers early next week.  It is important to go through the exercise on your own before I give you the answers.

names of the notes on the piano.pdf
Scale Spellings.pdf

Scale Spellings with answers.pdf

Next step is to begin memorizing each scale and arpeggio one at a time. Here is concert C:
C Major Scale.pdf
If you really want to become familiar with the scale learn to play a few songs in that key.  Mary Had a Little lamb begins on the 3rd note (scale degree) and Twinkle Twinkle begins on the 1st: 1155665. Choose a song of your own or one out of the book to learn in the key of C.

At this time of year, we usually do a lot of sight reading in class.   Sight Reading Factory is a great resource for you to use.  It has a free trial and then is only $34 for the year if you feel like it is valuable.  

I also recommend the Concert and Contest Collection books.  You can order them on  These are the books that the SCSBOA honor band audition music usually come out of.  You can start practicing ahead for next year.

Our brass coach Rudy Arevalos is offering lessons via ZOOM.  Please give him a call if you are interested. (714) 421-8684.

Students, if you use your new found free time wisely, you should come back to school in amazing shape.  Practice is the key to success and now you have the time!  Take advantage of it, my kids and I are.  We have accomplished a lot in the last week and I honestly can say that we have been to busy to be bored and have a huge sense of accomplishmentStart with a specific goal; like memorizing your 12 major scales, or finishing the book, or learning a solo.  I miss all of you look forward to seeing how much you have accomplished when we get back.

Note Cards
PDF of Note Cards Powerpoint
Tuba Concert F
Trombone/ Euphonium Concert F
F Horn Concert F
Trumpet Concert F







 How to tongue on the clarinet




 Trumpet Buzzing
video on how to buzz on a trumpet mouthpiece
how to buzz on a trumpet
video on how to buzz on a trumpet
How to tongue on the trumpet

French Horn


Low brass






Dragon Dance F horn part.mp3
High Adventure F horn part.mp3

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