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Core Classes and Requesting Honors

Core Classes  

Students will be enrolled in 5 Core Classes and 2 Electives. Core courses include  Physical Education, Science, History, Language Arts, and Math. 

Honors (Expectations and Requirements)

Honors History is designed to follow the district and state curriculum appropriate for that particular grade level. Honors classes are writing intensive and distinguished from other social studies classes by rigor, pace, and depth of content.   Students are encouraged and expected to work independently, think analytically and have a strong grasp on the writing process. Students will use primary documents to compare and contrast events, discover cause and effect relationships, and consider links between historical and modern-day issues. Students will gain insight, reflect, and interpret how history contributes to influencing the world as well as the United States.

Honors Science 
is designed to be more challenging than standard level courses to foster growth for advanced learners. The course id distinguished by a difference in the depth and scope of work required. Content moves quicker and offers more in depth discussions. 

Medical Science 
is designed to be a general science course with integrated medical labs and medical applications to the science topic being addressed.

Honors Language Arts
 is designed to be more rigorous and challenging for the student.  Honors candidates should be comfortable with technology in an educational settings, an independent thinker, self motivated, and prepared to submit quality work "on time". 

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