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Mr. Macdonald (Mr.Mack) 

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Note: All Classwork may be accessed via our Google Classroom sites. 

P1 Computer Information Systems/Video Production/Colts News 
P2 Intro to Video Game Design
P3 Intro to Video Game Design
P4 Prep/Conference 
P5 Intro to Video Game Design
P6 Intro to Video Game Design
P7 Intro to Video Game Design



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Welcome students and parents to Computer Information Systems.  This course will be fun, challenging and rewarding for students. 

  • digital discussions
  • learning modules in a computer lab environment
  • interactive videos and images
  • games, simulations, and virtual reality
  • lecture, with self-paced, individual online projects
  • use CNUSD Google Classroom and Google’s Suite of Apps.

What Students Will Learn

Career Exploration: The world of work, Learning about Yourself, Learning about Careers, Creating a Career Plan, Interest Profilier, Learning Styles Inventory, Multiple Intelligences, Do What You Are, Career Search projects (based on student’s likes and interests).

Career Readiness: Time Management and Study Skills, Banking, Money Management

College Exploration: College Search Tool, College Options in CA, System of Higher Education.

Character Education: Emphasizing The Colts Way

 Apply to College: Types of College Applications, What You need to Know in Junior High School about Applying to College, College Major Exploration projects (based on student’s likes and interests).

Financial Aid: Learn about types of Financial Aid, Federal and State Aid, Scholarships, What You Need to Know about Financial Aid Eligibility in Junior High School.


            Discovering Careers, Ninth Edition, G-W Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher, 2018.
            Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance. G-W Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher, 2018.

Online Components:,,,,,, Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher Online Resources & others.
Digital Media (Intro to Video Production/Colts News) is a course designed to educate students on the ever-changing digital world, as well as to provide hands-on experience with industry standard software and equipment. The curriculum covers a wide range of areas, so it appeals to a diverse group of students. Topics covered in Digital Media classes include graphic design, animation, audio production, video production, and web design.   The Colts News is produced in this course airing 2x each week!
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